Video conferencing as a service

Frequently Asked Questions

Joining a conference by telephone

Step 1:     Dial the following phone number 08-6555-3000

Step 2:     When prompted, enter the number of the meeting room you wish to join followed by the # key.

Note: If there is a PIN set on the meeting room you will need to dial the PIN number when prompted

Step 3:     Listen for muting options - *6 to Mute, *6 to Unmute

Phone in TIP: If calling from a car please mute your telephone when not contributing so the car noise does not impact on the rest of the participants.

Firewall and traffic priority

Firewall Configuration

The ports outlined below need to be ‘openable’ (i.e. not fixed open or closed), the Vidyo software will dynamically open and close these ports as required.

(BOLD are critical):

  • TCP Port 80 Web Access to VidyoPortal
  • TCP Port 443 Secure Web Access to VidyoPortal
  • TCP Port 17992 Client Connection to VidyoPortal Application Server
  • TCP Port 17990 Client Connection to VidyoRouter
  • UDP 50,000-65,535 Inbound/outbound Media feeds to participants (6 ports per participant)

At this time the VidyoPortal Opens all UDP ports dynamically based on STUN communication between Client and Server so there is no need to open specific UDP ports on the firewall as long as ports in the above UDP range can be dynamically opened. Some Firewalls have a UDP default timeout. For example, on the Cisco PIX Firewall the UDP timeout is 2 min. If this parameter won’t be changed then the call will drop in exactly 2 minutes and the Vidyo client(s) would have to reconnect.

If you are not able to open up the above firewall ports, Proxy tunneling will be automatically enabled. This allows the client and server to tunnel the media over TCP ports 80 and 443. Please note that “tunneling” can reduce the overall quality of the Vidyo experience.

Prioritising Traffic & Security – QoS (Quality of Service)

All video conferencing traffic goes through the BeingThere video conferencing servers. This provides fixed IP addresses which can be used for prioritizing traffic and making security allowances. The IP addresses of BeingThere’s servers are:

  • Server #1:
  • Server #2:
  • Server #3:
  • Server #4:

For those who want the technical details


Core2Duo(Minimum), i3, i5, i7. The higher processors the higher performance.


BeingThere is available utilising the Vidyo Mobile free application from the App Store.


BeingThere connects to any standards based IP video conferencing system through the SIP, H.323 protocols.


Using the Vidyo Inc. SVC technology, BeingThere is delivered with enterprise grade quality on all kinds of internet connections. This is one of the most resilient VC applications operating from 250 Kbps to 3Mbps.


The Vidyo Inc. technology which we use provides for multiple screen inputs and output displays supporting complex presentations, such as sharing slide shows, word, excel, powerpoint etc documents in real time.


All BeingThere video communications include full encryption and as required Pin protection or lockable rooms.

Can I use BeingThere on Mobile Devices?

Download the free app called VidyoCONNECT from APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY – Download to your mobile device of choice.

Log in using your portal address, user name and password.

Any queries, please contact us on 1300 891 551.

Mobile Support Videos can be found in our Training Support section of this website.

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