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Reaching out to rural WA

CRC video conference meeting 2014 - BeingThere

CRC video conference meeting 2014 – BeingThere

Video conferencing continues to grow and within Western Australia (WA), it’s becoming a necessity for some businesses and government departments given the vast distances and logistics, not to mention cost.

In a recent US survey, “…business leaders and managers believe video [conferencing] will become their preferred collaboration tool in three years (52 percent)…” outstripping more traditional methods of email and voice communication. Professionals Shifting to Video Conferencing for Business Communication.

WA is on trend with the US as video conferencing continues to grow and offers the ability to reach out to rural communities around WA without leaving Perth, or having to travel to Perth.

In mid 2014, a meeting chaired by the Honourable Terry Redman MLA (Minister for Regional Development; Lands and Minister Assisting the Minister for State Development) brought together 13 Community Resource Centres (CRC) from rural communities via video conferencing. CRCs were able to connect from as far north as Broome and Kununurra to Laverton and as far south as Mount Barker, bringing together Local Government Executives with the Minister to present on the State budget.


CRC WA Map (reproduced with permission WACRN)

What once was a costly and logistical nightmare, video conferencing allowed all 13 CRCs to connect simultaneously and listen and interact with Minister Redman. BeingThere video conferencing allowed the CRC Network to enable this to occur with minimal fuss and as a far more cost and time effective option than having to travel the state.

The success of the CRC video conference meeting with the Minister prompted Pascoe Durtanovich, Ravensthorpe Shire CEO, to state ” I think all the Ministers should use it”. Peter Crispin, Shire CEO from Dalwallinu, commented – that “he can certainly see the potential cost savings that can be made by using this setup”.

There are future plans by the Minister to utilise this kind of communication on a more regular basis as “…it’s great that in a state as big as Western Australia, we can have technology used to our advantage”, Minister Redman said.
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