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FLX UC 1500 – Enterprise VoIP


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FLX UC 1500- Conference Room Speaker/Mic Enterprise VoIP and Softphone Conferencing, Extended $1999 Incl GST

Larger conference rooms in the enterprise require additional microphones at the ends of the table to ensure quality call performance. Current solutions for this scenario involve connecting multiple units for additional speaker output and microphone input, which increases the overall system footprint for a minor improvement in audio quality.

The Revolabs FLXTM UC 1500 provides the answer for the larger conference room by building off the speakerphone capability of the FLX UC 1000 IP & USB Conference phone with two additional directional microphones.

The FLX UC 1500’s integrated SIP technology works in all major telephony environments, whether on premise or in the cloud, and supports all market-leading IP PBX’s. In addition, the FLX UC 1500 easily integrates with your choice of 3rd party PC applications for collaboration and conferencing. A key benefit of this integration is that the FLX UC 1500 is capable of bridging VoIP Calls and calls via 3rd party softphone applications – allowing your team to communicate using the best medium for collaboration.

The FLX UC 1500 offers the most extensible solution for USB, VoIP, and Conference Bridging for Enterprise Conferencing and Collaboration.


Speaker Elements: Tweeter, Mid-Woofer

Speaker Frequency Response: 160-20,000 Hz

MAX SPL : 91 dB at 1m

Microphones : 4 embedded directional

2 directional extension microphones

Microphone Coverage: 360º Audio Pick-Up

Microphone Frequency Response: 160-16,000 Hz

Echo Cancellation : Individual AEC per microphone

Full Duplex : Yes