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Full speed ahead for Nannup

Tulips outside Nannup CRC – photo supplied by Nannup CRC

Not noticing the speed of your Internet connection is usually a good thing. So when the community of Nannup constantly experienced slow connection speed – and the line dropping out completely at times – they knew something needed to be done.

Nannup Community Resource Centre (CRC) was just one local business affected. Trying to run a business with such a poor data connection, to the point where video conferencing meetings were dropping out, meant running an efficient and effective business service was difficult.

Together, Cheryle Brown (Nannup CRC Manager) and Steve Boak (Nannup CRC IT Administrator) from Nannup CRC decided to see if they could do something about it. Steve knew that he needed to identify that it was actually the Telstra link and not hardware or service provider issues.

Nannup Community Resource Centre – photo supplied by Nannup CRC

“The main link between Nannup and Perth was completely overloaded and we’d lose the connection from 4pm to midnight. We would have worked better on dial-up” Steve said. Steve monitored the link and sent copies of the graphs to Telstra and the South West Development Commission so the problem was clearly evident.

Cheryle and Steve – together with a joint effort from Westnet, the Nannup community, Telstra and Colin Holt MLC – lobbied the government andwithin three weeks there was a “dramatic change once Telstra updated”.

The improved speed, Steve said, meant receiving the full 20MB link instead of “only getting a maximum of 5MB down to 1 or 2MB at its worst”. It’s now running full speed all the time. Video conferencing was the most recognisable difference, and all the computers used by the Nannup CRC staff and the public now run a lot faster.

A frustration that began with video conferencing dropping out mid-meeting for the Nannup CRC  – has ended in a full capacity data link for 24 hours a day for the Nannup regional community.

Nannup CRC and BeingThere
Nannup CRC is a regular and long-time user of the BeingThere video conferencing service. They use BeingThere to video conference monthly to 8 other regional CRCs and for regular meetings with other CRC representatives, reducing down-time and significant travel costs. In October, Nannup CRC will join with other CRCs across the state for Foodbank’s Food Sensations program delivered via BeingThere.