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Connecting the South West Health Alliance

The South West Health Alliance (SWHA) has offices right across WA from Jurien Bay in the North, to Bremer Bay in the South. Coordinating meetings and avoiding large travel and down time for staff was an expensive exercise. As CEO of SWHA, Kate Clarke approached BeingThere for a solution.

“BeingThere saves on extensive travel and down-time… with the ability to log straight in”. “It’s almost instantaneous…rather than having to travel long distances”, said Ms Clarke.

“We use BeingThere for all of staff meetings which incorporates up to 30 people at a time”. SWHA now use video conferencing technology for all their internal project meetings, occupational health and safety and executive team meetings. Video conferencing is now an “efficient and effective part of the system”.

“BeingThere has become part of our everyday life”. SWHA staff are very familiar and comfortable with the system. As CEO, “I can just log into and out of any meetings that might be running”.

The BeingThere team is “only too willing to help us out. The customer service is 2nd to none – they just feel like part of the team. It has certainly paid dividends to our business”, Ms Clarke said.

For more information on your delivering your business meetings via video conference, please contact Pam or Gerry at BeingThere on 1300 891 551.