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Exploring technology to deliver training

Video Conferencing Perth, Local Government Online, Katanning

It’s nothing new, the Community Resource Centre (CRC) network has been set up for many years with the technology to link regional and remote areas of Western Australia, thanks to Royalties for Regions funding. However as a community we don’t tend to utilise the facilities at our doorstep. Many of us who organise ‘extension events’…

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Pilbara Employment Forum and BeingThere

Video Conferencing Perth, Pilbara

A recent Forum held by the YMCA Port Hedland on Wednesday 26 November was a great success. “Employers in South and Port Hedland had the opportunity to see firsthand the facilities and support available for apprentices and trainees at Mirnutharntu Maya.  The forum also provided an opportunity for employers to tour Mirnutharntu Maya, the newly…

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Reaching out to rural WA

Video Conferencing Perth, Local Government Online, CRCs, Community Resource Centres

Video conferencing continues to grow and within Western Australia (WA), it’s becoming a necessity for some businesses and government departments given the vast distances and logistics, not to mention cost. In a recent US survey, “…business leaders and managers believe video [conferencing] will become their preferred collaboration tool in three years (52 percent)…” outstripping more…

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Connecting the South West Health Alliance

Video Conferencing Perth, Local Online

The South West Health Alliance (SWHA) has offices right across WA from Jurien Bay in the North, to Bremer Bay in the South. Coordinating meetings and avoiding large travel and down time for staff was an expensive exercise. As CEO of SWHA, Kate Clarke approached BeingThere for a solution. “BeingThere saves on extensive travel and…

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Full speed ahead for Nannup

Video Conferencing Perth, Local Government Online

Tulips outside Nannup CRC – photo supplied by Nannup CRC Not noticing the speed of your Internet connection is usually a good thing. So when the community of Nannup constantly experienced slow connection speed – and the line dropping out completely at times – they knew something needed to be done. Nannup Community Resource Centre…

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A Recipe for Success, Video Conferencing Perth

If you needed to deliver a cooking and nutrition course to regional areas on a tight budget what are your options? This is the dilemma Foodbank’s Food Sensations Program faced. With the use of local video conferencing technology, Foodbank’s program was able to be delivered to the Community Resource Centre community (CRC’s ) via video conference…

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