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Pilbara Community Legal Service Inc

Video Conferencing Perth, Local Government Online

BeingThere video conferencing has brought inter-office communication for Pilbara Community Legal Service’s staff and clients into the 21st century! No more travelling for hours in a car from one office to another, no more risking email miscommunication. We can now all talk to one-another face-to-face and our clients have easy access to our Solicitors regardless of where they are – face to face legal advice, tenancy advice, financial counselling at the touch of a button.

No more costly time wasting driving for hours – staff meetings, staff appraisals, board meetings are all done by video conference and at half the cost because, of course, time is money. Being able to provide video-conference outreach to our staff and clients speedily and knowing the team from Being There are behind the scenes providing support makes things simple and secure….Thank you BeingThere, you have eradicated the distance of thousands of kilometres for our Pilbara team.

Nanette Williams

(A not for profit government funded agency)


Video Conferencing Perth, Local Government Online, SWEK, Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley, Zone

The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley is geographically remote, being located in the northern most area of Western Australia; a progressive organisation, at times challenged by the tyranny of distance in the conduct of business that organisations in more populated areas take for granted.

The adoption of the BeingThere video conferencing service has led to cost savings and tangible benefits. Reduction in the frequency of air travel with the associated food and accommodation costs have been apparent, in addition to providing a necessary human touch during regional or interstate meetings. Particular advantages have been in the conduct of recruitment interviews as it is impractical for the majority of applicants to attend in person. BeingThere has proven a worthy investment, with the provided support highly responsive, professional and the customer service refreshingly top notch.

Richard Bianco
Manager ICT

Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley

WA Dept of Regional Development

We’ve been able to service more clients and reduce travel costs by using Video Conferencing. With time and budget constraints video conferencing is a very important tool that we use to communicate with all of our stakeholders. It allows us to remain in touch with 160 resource centres right across regional Western Australia. It allows us to have one on one meetings, but I also use it for staff meetings. It has taken a huge pressure off staff, not having to travel.

Rob Leicester
Manager Business and Social Development

WA Dept of Regional Development