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About BeingThere

We are a wholly owned and operated Australian company. We have been in the video communications industry for the twenty years. We are experts in the use of video communications to deliver business outcomes.

 We provide an enterprise grade video conferencing service on our own network using Vidyo Inc. technology.

Our point of difference is our care factor. We will do everything possible to make your meeting successful. As your virtual video conferencing department, we ensure you have pain free meetings. We provide leadership and education to your team. We want them to feel skilled and confident. If ever they need backup, we are always there.

How we work

BeingThere provides much more than video conferencing.

We work with clients to develop implementation plans to make sure that they extract maximum business benefits from the system across all areas of their organisation.

In these videos Gerry Murphy, the founder of BeingThere together with Pam Richardson, the Customer Service Manager – talk about what it really means when BeingThere partners with your business…

See how beingthere is different

We are a local team proactively working with your people to build a culture of pain free meetings that save time and money.

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PO Box 2235, Churchlands WA
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