Video conferencing as a service

We all know there are many VC technologies available, Gerry, Pam and their team are the point of difference. They strive to ensure your video communications are adopted effectively. They just make things happen!

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Our goal is that your meetings are on time and without interruption.  

We focus on the key success factors of  people,  processes and  technology.

We manage the technology and you and your people get on with your business.

What Our Clients Say



Main benefits - Implementation and ongoing support that we receive.

"....from WALGA perspective we do a lot of video conferencing with people from remote locations - the support and assistance is key  "

Mr Tony Brown 

Executive Manager Governance and Organisational Services

Delivering Services to the Community of WA

louise forster

Enabling us to have working groups and executive team meetings throughout our merger, without losing the interaction - especially when there is distance involved.

Support is fantastic - instantaneous response!

Louise Forster

Head of Brand & People - Chorus

Effective Relationships


"Effective Relationships ....... nothing like seeing people directly and obviously body language adds a whole lot to reaching common understandings and effective communications, whether that be with suppliers, contractors or even HR interviews ..."

Lloyd Barton

Director Corporate Services

People, Process, and Technology

Our experience in helping businesses with their online meetings over the past 20 years tells us that to achieve success attention must be paid to people, processes and technology. If any one of these is not catered for the change of meeting practice is rarely sustainable and the opportunity is lost.

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Through customised training and ongoing support we help you and your people to be involved, confident, engaged and accountable for participation.

So that meetings are on time and your business gets done we need to implement simple practices and processes in order to achieve our goal - effective productive meetings.

To run effective uninterrupted online meetings the performance of the underlying technology is critical. This goes hand in hand with instant access to knowledgeable support.

Easy Video Conferencing


Build Confidence
Through individualised training.

Get Going
Initial support.

Keep Going
Ongoing support.


Pre-Meeting Planning
Who is participating and where?
Are they prepared and tested?

In-Meeting Process
Establishing effective meeting flow.

Ensuring material is suitable and effectively managed.


Australian Hosted Service
Optimised for regional, rural and remote conditions with less than optimal bandwidth configurations.

Scalable Video Code (SVC)
Backwards compatible (Legacy VC)
Secure multisite mtgs
Content/Screen sharing
Meeting Recording/Webcast or live stream broadcast
PC/Laptop and mobile friendly


Boost Productivity

Teams that use BeingThere video conferencing spend less time travelling to meetings and more time delivering business results. Expect meeting participation to improve, client contact to increase and non-productive time travelling to be reduced.

Increase Revenue

BeingThere helps businesses and non-profit organisations expand and deliver new services across Australia. Our team will work closely with you to develop a business case and implementation plan to exploit new opportunities.

Get Competitive

The ability to connect face to face with clients in a secure digital environment opens up multiple advantages for your business or organisation. Decision making time for new business and problem resolution times are significantly reduced because of the emotional connection enabled through being able to see the people you are working with.

Problems get resolved quicker.

If these are your meeting priorities,
we should have a conversation


Meetings start on time. 


Participants feel prepared, relaxed and accountable.


No fuzziness, no sync issues, no drop outs.*


All online enabled devices, from anywhere.


Reduce travel time and expense.


Build stronger personal connections.


Conduct meetings that reflect your standards and values.


Bring quality video conferencing skills in-house.

* Dependant on suitable internet connections