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Video conferencing: Teleworker

October 14th, 2009 — 5:06pm

When you are tasked with reducing your organisation’s Carbon Footprint and/or providing a flexible work environment the concept of using video conferencing to manage and connect workers situated in their home offices is a ‘no brainer’. But making video conferencing technology available to users doesn’t necessarily deliver the end business outcome.

A good approach to making the teleworker model work for you is to consider:

1 – Outcomes: What are the management outcomes you need to achieve amongst the teleworker team?

2 – Processes: What processes or meeting schedules do you need to achieve these management outcomes

3 – Communications Mix: What types of communication does your teleworker team respond best: do they need a physical meeting or is regular video conference sufficient to keep the team focused on outcomes?

Teleworking offers great benefits to the environment, flexibility for individuals and the organizations they work for, but understanding what are the required communication technologies and how they will be used is critical to the strategy’s success. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your teleworking project.

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