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If you are considering video conferencing for your business in Melbourne there are 3 things you need to consider:

1 – What type of video conferencing do you need?

Why does your business need video conferencing?:

  • Is it to enable time poor executives to meet ‘face to face’ more frequently to resolve issues?
  • Is it for very involved ‘face to face’ training with lots of questions and discussion? or
  • Do you just need a tool present a powerpoint to 50+ people with an audio conference facility?

Often the best way to find this out is to arrange a trial of the various technologies with the people who would be using video conferencing in your business and get their feedback. This post gives you a quick glimpse at how we approach selecting the right service.

2 – DIY or Outsource?

The next question is do you do it all yourself or do you leave it to someone else? The key benefits of outsourcing or buying ‘video conferencing as a service’ are:

  • You do not have to invest heavily in video conferencing servers that will often become outdated within the next five years
  • You get access to the expert support team of the video conferencing service provider, who are very well attuned to fixing video conferencing. It also avoids committing your own IT staff to supporting video conferencing.
  • Typically you can get a free trial and/or have an option to discontinue the service if it doesn’t work out rather than being stuck with equipment that nobody in your business is using

Unless you have the staff, time and funds we think that deploying a professional video conferencing service can be an unnecessary risk for most organisations.

3 – Track record and focus of provider

Like any industry you need to consider the track record of the organisation offering the service and their business model:
a) Does the business have at least 10 years experience in deploying video conferencing and supporting businesses as they adopt the video conferencing?
b) Can they provide references from real clients?
c) How are their sales team motivated? Are they focused on selling you a system and installing it and moving on to the next sale or are they focused on helping you get setup and helping your people use the technology well so that you will be a ongoing client in the long-term?

We hope this has helped you a little bit with your search for a video conferencing provider. We provide a HD video conferencing service in Melbourne and across Australia, so if you are interested  make sure you sign-up for our FREE TRIAL here.

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