Video conferencing Adelaide

Here are 3 useful things to consider if you are considering video conferencing for your organisation in Adelaide:

1 – What are your needs?

What devices?

What devices will your users be conferencing with now and in the future? This may include PC, Mac, Smartphones, older video conferencing systems and telephones. Once users get comfortable using video conferencing they will want to use it on other devices.


Why does your business need video conferencing?

  • Is it to enable time poor executives to meet ‘face to face’ more frequently to resolve issues? In which case quality and ease of use is worth paying for.
  • Is it for very involved ‘face to face’ training with lots of questions and discussion? In which case quality HD conferencing is required to enable a natural interaction.
  • Or do you just need a tool present a powerpoint to 50+ people with an audio conference facility? In this scenario a low cost web conferencing tool might do the trick.
  • Most of these technologies provide a free trial, so its a great way to get feedback from the people who would be using video conferencing in your business without investing.This post might also be a helpful read.

2 – DIY or Outsource?

The next question is do you outsource all your video conferencing to someone else?

The key benefits of outsourcing video conferencing are:

  • You do not have to invest heavily in video conferencing servers that will often become outdated within the next 3-5 years
  • You get access to the expert support team of the video conferencing service provider, who are very well attuned to fixing video conferencing.
  • You don’t have to increase the workload of your IT staff, with a niche technology like video conferencing that they may not be very familiar with.
  • Normally you can get a free trial and/or have an option to discontinue the service if it doesn’t work out rather than being stuck with equipment that nobody in your business is using. It is great way to minimise investment risk.

3 – Provider track record

Here are a few questions to ask potential providers:

a) Does the provider have at least 10 years experience in deploying video conferencing and supporting businesses as they adopt the video conferencing?

b) Can they provide references from real clients?

c) How are their sales team motivated? Are they focused on selling you a system and installing it and moving on to the next sale or are they focused on helping you get setup and helping your people use the technology well so that you will be a ongoing client in the long-term? Do you get an account manager to help you over the course of your business relationship?

We hope this has helped you a little bit with your search for a video conferencing provider. We provide a HD video conferencing service in Adelaide and across Australia, so if you are interested make sure you sign-up for our FREE TRIAL here.

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