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Video conferencing software

We offer a software based video conferencing service, this means:

  • No expensive hardware
  • Easy connections between boardroom, desktop and telephone
  • Your video conferencing service is fully managed and kept up to date for you, so you can focus on your core business

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What makes us different?

  • Crystal clear, fluid HD video conferencing over public internet connections
  • Up to 8 people in a seamless full screen HD multi-party call
  • Easy to present documents: word, web, power point, excel
  • Easy telephone dial-in (available on Regular and Plus+ plans)

Australia wide provider

We deliver a video conferencing service that helps our clients

  • Save time
  • Fast-tracks decision making
  • Look amazing in front of their clients and suppliers,

We deliver video conferencing in capital cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to regional centres like Kununurra and Albany. No matter where you are in Australia or overseas if you are looking for a business grade video conferencing service that won’t break the bank. Please call us.


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